Naturally Repelling Mosquitoes

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While using traditional repellents and bug sprays are a surefire way to keep those buzzing and bloodsucking pests away from you, they can be a problem in their own right. Not only are most of them synthetic, but it can get very expensive to keep buying bottles. Professional mosquito services are also very expensive to hire out every few years whenever the bugs make their home in your yard.

There are inexpensive ways to keep the bugs out, mostly by using the various things you have in your garden and home. Plus, these natural repellents are also good for brightening up the look and scent of your home. Before you hire mosquito control services in Hampton, try these remedies.

If you have lavender plants in your garden, use them. Lavender plants and the essential oil that they create are enough to drive bugs away. You can crush the flowers yourself and make a homemade oil, or buy lavender essential oils to keep the bugs away. Rub the crushed flowers or oil against your skin, and it creates an instant repellent. It’s also enough to make you smell good too!

Other essential oils can repel bugs while making you smell good, but if you want to go the opposite direction, then you can eat garlic. This causes your breath to emit a scent that sends mosquitoes running far into the opposite direction, and if you like the taste of garlic this can be a great natural way to repel mosquitoes.

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Natural remedies might take a bit more work than regular bug spray, but it will be less expensive and can be better for your health and the environment.

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