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Did you know compulsive sexual behavior can lead to or worsen anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide? Sex addiction or hypersexuality involves obsessive sexual urges, attitude, or fantasies that interfere with everyday life. The disorder disrupts personal and business relationships, family interactions, and both physical and mental health.

There’s nothing wrong with an interest in sex. Sexual desire has enhanced many relationships and cultures. When done healthily, everyone thrives, but when it becomes excessive and all-consuming, that’s a problem. The addict loses interest in everyday activities to focus only on the addiction and turning the victim into someone else.

Outpatient mental health services in chester, pa

Outpatient mental health services in chester, pa can be the solution. Providing patients with the tools and support needed to help overcome the challenges of sex addiction. Depression and anxiety can go into overdrive when in conjunction with hypersexuality. The shame on top of that drives some to attempt suicide.

Psychiatric evaluations are vital when assessing a client’s behavior and mental health. Learning about patients both medically and personally helps spot any warning signs. Psychiatric services play a vital role by providing services, including individual therapy, medication management, on-call availability. Medical and counseling staff are available if you have questions or concerns.

Couples counseling and family education and therapy are essential parts of the process. Patients need to know there’s a future after recovery. The sessions can be in person or via other options like telephone and internet. There’s also the twelve-step program and therapeutic reading to monitor how patients are progressing.

Mental health plays a major role in how we live daily. Sex addiction doesn’t help with a healthy lifestyle. Why suffer in silence over something that’s curable? Getting psychiatric treatment can only enhance and course correct the patient’s future. Go do a consultation to assess what needs to be done.

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