Blockchain Technologies and Healthcare: A Winning Combo?

Written by admin on January 19, 2021 in blockchain for healthcare credentialing with no comments.

If you spend much time at all in the online world of cryptocurrencies and finance, it is possible you have already heard the term blockchain and how it functions to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions with no middleman or bank required.

blockchain for healthcare credentialing

What you might not have known is that this technology is beginning to make its way into the healthcare sector by being quite the viable option for medical credentialing options. Why is blockchain for healthcare credentialing such a good option? Let’s take a closer look.

Decentralization of Data

One of the selling points of blockchain is how it frees up any need for centralization, which is where data or records are kept in one single place, under the control of certain system administrators or on a single server. With blockchain, no one person or organization is in control. In terms of medical credentialing, this puts you in control of your credentials and how you choose to store them.

Secure and Universal

Blockchain technology is among some of the most secure for storing data. This is because once a record is on the blockchain, it cannot be altered by anyone, and will remain the same across all databases. Due to the cryptographic nature of the blockchain, it is nigh-impossible to hack, and ensures that you always have secure access to your credentials when needed.

Easy Verification

Since data stored on the blockchain is immutable and unable to be altered, it is simple to prove your credentialing with anyone in a secure way, and due to the nature of its design, the individual has much more control over who they would like to share their data with.

Blockchain is still an emerging technology and is poised to make itself known in all kinds of industries. The healthcare sector is just one more place that this technology might find a home, and it will be able to provide many people in the field with a secure way to store and share their credentialing data whenever they choose.